25/11/15 Reporting Post

In order for me to discover whether the new laws proposed in Queensland are oppressing, I asked a family friend and Syndey native Anna Vranjes for her views on the new laws.

I asked “so, what to you think of these new laws? Do you think this means Australia is becoming a nanny-state?” To which she replied “I think these are brilliant laws, well you know, my brother was killed by a drunk driver a couple years ago in Sydney, so anything that changes the laws around alcohol are brilliant in my eyes. The laws changed over there [in Sydney] a few years ago, the curfew for drinking there is 3am now, so it’s not as strict as the 2am curfew that’s being planned for Queensland but it’s still a good idea. But I’ll tell you what, if they think that their drinking laws are strict, they need to come here, then they won’t be moaning about anything mate, pubs here close at 11, and most British people really don’t mind. (…) No, I don’t think they are oppressing, I think they make sense”


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