25/11/15 Research Post


In the Australian State of Queensland, the government has proposed a 2am “Last Drink” law, in which bars and clubs will no longer be able to serve shots after midnight, and no alcoholic beverages after 2am.

Isa Rob Katter said that, “I think everyone wants to reduce alcohol fuelled violence however we are highly sensitive to creating a nanny state through blanket legislation.”.

This idea was proposed by the State Government in an attempt to reduce the amount of people admitted into hospital with alcohol related injuries. However, Tyson Koh, whom is head of an organisation campagning against the proposed agenda has mentioned in an interview that these laws have been passed in other states of Australia, and have failed, and the states have seen “increased rates of violence at casinos”

The rate of violence isn’t the only thing that will be affected by the passing of these laws, but the economy and people of Australia will also be hit hard by these changes. Nick Braben, secretary of Our Nightlife Queensland has said “we estimate probably 6,000 jobs across the state will disappear….the great majority will be casual jobs which are invariably filled by young people.”


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