18/11/15 Research Post



In the wake of the terror attacks that rocked the world, countless country artists are among the many to sent prayers and love to the families and victims of Fridays attack. Many country artists took to twitter and instagram in an effort to comfort and support those affected.

Lady Antebellum front woman Hillary Scott @hillaryscottla tweets “Praying for everyone in Paris right now. Lord please restore this city to safety. give them peace and protection”. While some others, including Rodney Atkins, The Oakridge Boys and Scotty McCreery opted for the simple message of ‘Pray for Paris’ and #Pray4Paris.

Country music is well known for being ‘The Music of the People’. Garth Brooks, in his song ‘We Shall Be Free’ wrote about peace and freedom, with the most important lyrics being “This worlds big enough for all different views.
When we all can worship from our own kind of pew.
Then we shall be free”



One thought on “18/11/15 Research Post

  1. The humanity displayed by those who are on the sidelines are encapsulated here very well. There’s also the really good link of country music being the music of the people and the support being shown towards fellow humans. Well written piece, overall.


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